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The transformation of business is happening at a pace never seen before in the past two decades. Today, a business - whether retail or institutional - has to be visibly present and project the best game in the industry, ahead of its competition. The primary face of a business in today’s environment is its website, which is also its first ambassador that any consumer meets.

In this manner, if an ambassador is not looking smart, fresh and up to date on the businesses facts, you as a consumer yourself won’t like to stay beyond the pleasantries, nevertheless spend your money there.

Herein, comes 11Technolab that helps you rejuvenate your website from a poorly performing non-attractive property to a technically savvy, beautifully designed and money making venture. 11Technolab makes sure that apart from being aesthetically pleasing, your website is also functionally useful for the users as well as your prospective customers. The basic approach taken by 11Technolab is to not just reorder the website components, but also evaluate the website from its basics and take apart the core.

A team of creative designers in coordination with marketers establish the ground rules of the website revamp, keeping the businesses core objectives as guide markers. Thereafter, the project is handed over to the coding teams, who start the heavy lifting and start making the actual changes in the website’s HTML code. They are completely competent of delivering any type of website upgradation project as e-commerce websites, web portals, micro websites, flash websites, static websites, and dynamic websites.

Mobile Website Designing Services :

As per the recent estimates of Google’s overall search browsing data, mobile driven searches have already taken over desktop-based search behaviour globally. This forms the base of a challenge for businesses which are scampering to catch up to this trend as they have traditionally been dependant on desktop-based searches for their business.

One of the reasons for this fundamental change in consumer behaviour of searching on the internet is the ease of using a mobile device anywhere to search, compared to the tied down browsing of a desktop. The user today wants an instant answer to their search and it’s not necessary that they will always be around a desktop.

Thereby, now 11Technolab helps businesses to add on a mobile website to their present website property, with its expertise in mobile website design. A mobile website is especially designed for better accessibility on a mobile device screen.

We provide you with intuitive and easy-to- use mobile websites that we bring to perfection with the help of our UX/UI developers. As a business owner, you have to decide today to add a mobile website to your business tools and increase your reach to your consumers. This will add value as well as increase sales to your business.

Mobile Website Designing Services
Corporate Website Designing Services

Corporate Website Designing Services :

We at 11Technolab provide a gamut of services, and in that bouquet, one of our premium services is focused on Corporate Website Designing. We have a dedicated team that solely focuses on corporate websites as the approach and depth required is different from retail business websites.

This team consists of experienced professionals which have a deep understanding of corporate business systems and the demands it places on the website of corporates. There are many factors like business systems, brand colour guidelines and industry regulations, which need to be considered for such projects. Our teams offer high customization and detailed work description formats to ensure that the project proceeds exactly as demanded by the corporate entity.

Special focus is given to the website users by identifying and simplifying their journey from arrival to inventory checkout, ensuring that they don’t miss out any important steps.

We appreciate the fact that corporate websites project the identity of the brand and position of standing in the industry so it’s vital for it to be strong and impressionable. After all, you do need to leave a positive impression on potential clients visiting your website.

E-Commerce Website Designing Services :

When a business opens up an e-commerce channel as its sales channel, it is very important that this sales channel is always up, always updated and performs smoothly without a hitch for the customer to complete their transactions.

11Technolab powers this transformation for both small and big businesses, whether they are stepping into this channel for the first time, or whether they want to upgrade their present website. 11Technolab professionals deliver high speed turnaround for e-commerce website projects as we know this channel cannot be put on hold. The users are always present and so should be the website.

Our competencies in this field cover the entire length and breadth of technologies required to get your e-commerce channel going. These offerings include extensions development, theme customization, and maintenance services. With several experienced e-commerce developers and professionals onboard, 11Technolab also offers domain-specific, tailored e-commerce development solutions.

This ensures the error free uptime for each of your e-commerce applications.

We understand the importance of e-commerce in today’s world. 11Technolab gives you tailored website design services that aim to cater to the needs of its clients present across industries, thus guaranteeing only the best results for your business channel in e-commerce.

Mobile Website Designing Services

WordPress Website Design :

11Technolab identified the potential of WordPress platform very early on. This is the reason that a dedicated team of professionals experienced in WordPress projects is a part of 11Technolab. This is by design as WordPress is the platform which runs 23% of all the websites in the world. Therefore, it makes sense for 11Technolab to offer solutions which are on this platform .

WordPress websites created by 11Technolab include taxonomies, post types, APIs, coded and designed plugins that can add up to your requirements. Here, 11Technolab is also able to deliver customized plugins for your website which are usually only found separately by other agencies. This enables 11Technolab to deliver a complete end-to- end e-commerce project. This service gets further enhanced by the marketing suite offered by 11Technolab, which is a unique product .

There are further support and upgradation project services for e-commerce websites offered by 11Technolab. This can be availed of in case your present e-commerce website is buggy in nature or is not performing to its full potential. 11Technolab can then provide immediate assistance in fixing the base coding, as well as then roll out augmented features. These projects require the provision of all access keys from the previous projects for 11Technolab to be able to take over the operations in a streamlined manner. These projects usually help businesses which have an existing website property that has built a loyal customer base over the years. Therefore, the need to repair and upgrade the website is immediate. 11Technolab takes these projects after giving you a careful assessment of the present condition of the website and the scope of work .

11Technolab is fully capable of commissioning any e-commerce website design, upgrade and repair projects backed by a full team of experts proficient in e-commerce technologies .

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