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The advent of social media in the past two decades has opened up avenues for humans to connect to each other which never existed before. The modes of communication were restricted to e-mail or calling and they were still proving to be a bit cumbersome, considering the speed communication and expectations of users.

This led to some entrepreneurs taking up initiatives to create platforms where people could communicate directly as well as privately. The users could also choose to communicate to open groups and other users about their life in general and the concept of sharing was born.

Today, Social Media company Los Angeles connects the planet and rules communication worldwide. The news is now a subset of social media and not the other way around as it used to be. This is one medium which ensures that its users are present, attentive and interested.

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Such a medium cannot stay unnoticed from business for long. In no time, businesses and brands climbed into social media to start engaging with prospective as well as present consumers and open up their identities. Herein, is the reason why it makes sense for every business to be present on social media and in order to do so, consult the experts of this medium known as social media service providers.

What is Social Media Service?

A complex ecosystem, which is highly active and present at all times, needs a keen eye to detect opportunities for any brand. This is even more pertinent to brands that are present across time zones and cannot predict when one of their customers decides to talk to them or about them. Therefore, a dedicated expert is required for the brands and businesses to stay on top of such social media activity.

11Technolab has a team of dedicated experts who perform such a service for and on behalf of brands and businesses. This is known as social media services. These experts go all out and deliver amazing results for a business on social media with an objective in mind. These objectives may be in terms of followers, engagement or even communication. 11Technolab ensures that your social media presence is in ship shape and always actively managed.


A small idea born in the dorm of a university became one of the biggest enterprises in the world. That is the story of Facebook. This revolutionary platform delivered access to and connected people across the world and encouraged them to connect further. Thereby, it built an entire ecosystem around itself, which is always connected and alive. This platform was exceptionally astute to also create a business model for itself by promoting services and brands to its users. This is when businesses recognized the potential of this platform and immediately logged on. Today, there are more than a billion users of Facebook, which makes it critical for every business, irrespective of the industry to ensure its presence on Facebook. Content on Facebook is multi-format - from texts to rich media - and thus the opportunities for brands to deliver amazing communication to their target segments of consumers.


This is a beautiful platform which is very visual in nature. This platform is for users who want to share topic driven photos and videos with the public in general. These users are then able to cultivate a growing group of people who follow them and comment on their posts. This platform also makes it easier for users to invite others who are their connections by linking their social media accounts across other platforms to Instagram too. This further helps content to flow back and forth between platforms and build even more engagement for their posts. The users are able to implant their posts with a particular topic by using #, called hashtags, followed by the keyword of the subject they are targeting. The viewers and other users need simply search for a hashtag and all posts related to that will show up. There are some highly active users who have built fan followings on Instagram.


This social media platform is usually called the ‘world changer’. The reason for this is that in a small window of just 160 characters, users are required to tell the whole story of their posts and then other users can pick up and reply to them for a discussion to take shape. This platform is extremely active, and passionate users are seen engaging on it on subjects as wide-ranging as technology to cake. This mix of users and their ability to instantly reply or engage in a precise message makes this platform a favorite of many brands. Many businesses connect on Twitter for growth opportunities as well as customer feedback and engagement. The rich mix of age bands of users makes this platform a ‘must-be’ present for businesses small or big.


Pinterest is a social network that allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos to their own page, visually known as “pinnings”. It allows users to post images of any subject and even GIF files which are the new preferred medium for humorous and active content communication, but without sound. This engages a lot of users as a GIF is like a moving photo but gets the communication across in a very impactful manner. Users can also go ahead and share further or pin on a particular image to show their interest in the post. Overall, this is a platform which encourages beautiful images and thus, immensely important for a brand’s product communication or even ads.


This social media platform sits at the border of social media and professional engagement platforms. The users here are professionals across the world and hence, the communication in this medium is also very business oriented. This is one platform where users are talking and engaging on business subjects and rest of the content gets filtered out. Thereby, a serious business which wants to engage with B2B audiences for its industrial or commercial products and services has to be present on LinkedIn. The brand communication on this platform receives dedicated serious attention and many times generates business queries as well. This is the premium medium for business to business.

The experienced professionals at 11Technolab are fully competent to understand and communicate for your brand on LinkedIn as this channel requires a mature focused approach.


Social media today is the new 1st step every business needs to take in order to communicate and announce its brand's presence as well as target its potential consumers. They are present and active on social media and it makes sense for a business to also connect with them in their medium. 11Technolab has competencies for all social media platform services and can deliver top-notch results for every brand across industries in this powerful medium.

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