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Business today needs to reach consumers in every medium possible, and the online medium is also a very important piece of the marketing mix of today’s strategy. Online marketing is composed of many channels. Google is the leader in these channels. When it comes to Online Marketing, it is every business’ first choice.

11Technolab has, over the years, mastered the art of Google Adwords Management with experienced marketing professionals who drive ad campaigns for our clients. The campaigns designed by 11Technolab are a collection of ads designed and released online as per your business objectives.

Google advertises the ads through PPC management services, affiliated blogs, and websites. Your business ads are then displayed on blogs and websites that have matching keywords related to your campaign. These online campaigns help online consumers reach your business website when they click on the ads in these campaigns. 11Technolab discusses campaign objectives with you beforehand and our team makes sure that your budget is only spent on clicks made. We even help you control and spread out your budget further by customizing and advising your daily budget spend.

The campaign is created, managed and monitored completely by 11Technolab with the single-minded approach to maximize your returns on investment.

Yahoo! Ad Management Services :

As markets for businesses are distributed over geographical locations, so are the potential consumers spread across many online channels as per their browsing habits. This places a responsibility on every business to be present and visible wherever the opportunity to impress potential consumers exists.

Yahoo! remains a favorite among web users and therein exists the opportunity for businesses to capitalize on. This might get a little complex for businesses to manage on their own and 11Technoab is the perfect resource present to help businesses find success in online marketing on Yahoo!. Advertising through Yahoo! Ads, you can make sure that focused traffic is being attracted towards your site with a campaign designed by 11Technolab.

The campaigns designed by 11Technolab are targeted towards Yahoo! emails, Yahoo! marketing, and Yahoo! answers. We at 11Technolab, work in managing these Yahoo! ads as the PPC management services, by setting the advertising up in a budget efficient manner. Experts at 11Technolab analyze your website and suggest keyword-rich ads that will bring in your prospective consumers.

Instagram Ads

Instagram is one of the most popular channels adored by millions of users and a part of their daily lives, thereby showing their high engagement with the channel. A consumer-facing business needs presence on such a web channel in order to create a buzz about itself and attract many potential consumers.

11Technolab’s marketing team is composed of experts who understand this channel and it’s nuances very well. They are able to create your business presence and then release ad campaigns focused on users who might have interests similar to your businesses.

This marketing format is managed under the PPC ad management services.

Instagram Ads
Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads

Twitter has 328 million active monthly users and is growing at a very fast pace every year. Amongst these users, there are around 100 million who are active daily users. This channel of marketing is very personal, very mobile and highly focused.

A business which is already present on Twitter can use 11Technolab services to popularize its handle or even initiate a new handle as per our guidance. We provide PPC ad management services for Twitter in which ad campaigns can be rolled out for increasing your followers or promote a specific product to users. This allows for a highly specific focused delivery as the campaign designed by 11Technolab also studies the results it can achieve by studying the campaign activity daily.

We usually ensure that your business campaign on Twitter is rolled out as per PPC ad management guidelines, though we are also competent to roll out high exposure campaigns as per your objectives.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is a professional channel wherein many worldwide working professionals engage and interact with business content. A business which is focused on industrial relationships or doing transactions with other businesses needs to be present on this channel.

A 11Technolab team of marketing professionals makes sure to showcase your business as it makes sense to professional audiences. We adjust the communication of PPC ad campaigns for LinkedIn so that it appeals and also delivers value to working professionals.

This activity not only attracts potential consumers to come and explore your brand further but also impresses industry participants that your business is now advertising and leading the promotions tally.

We make sure that your business and its presence on LinkedIn follow your brand's guidelines and achieve the objectives set out for the campaign.

LinkedIn Ads
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