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The era of the internet fired off many changes across the world. These have come about in the form of changes to a personal life and changes to business space as well. Business, in any case, has to be in lock-step with changes in a consumer’s lifestyle. There is no bigger change impacting consumer lifestyles than the internet. In the late 90’s, this was witnessed in the form of websites, which interacted with consumers and influenced their lifestyles. These came to be known as social media platforms. In these platforms, consumers were interacting with others across the globe and adopting new habits and styles. This was envisioned as the ultimate view of the internet’s potential. However,soon something changed.

The critical factor that the online space industry took some time to stumble onto was: the device. It was clearly established that the consumers are moving from traditional sources of information to the online space. This trend was further hyphened by the fact that while traditional content browsing happened on the desktop earlier, it was slowly moving towards browsing content on the mobile device. This tectonic shift was also enabled by smartphones, lower device prices, more network coverage and fall in data usage prices while being mobile. Thereby, it came to be established that there was no need to be stuck to a static desktop device.

This led many online space businesses to realize that their core model had to move, be mobile with the consumer or get left out. The first attempt was to provide users with websites which were preformatted for the mobile browsers. This was quickly overwhelmed with the usage habits of consumers not being very fond of typing the entire address again and again.

This is the critical inflection point when mobile applications were born. These were little programs which were installed onto the users’ mobile device, which then offered a secure and closed environment for the consumers to use a particular service only. The user did not need to ‘surf over’ to a brand website when they got all the information they needed in a few taps, without ever even having to open the browser.

11Technolab was keenly observing these changes in the business space and took initiatives to build capabilities for addressing this business need. A dedicated team was put in place for developing mobile applications for clients. These clients were those who were either migrating from a traditional website environment to a mobile app. Some clients have now even taken the initiative to go only with the mobile application model and build a website at a later stage. 11Technolab, thus, started offering extended services as a mobile App Development NYC.

We, at 11Technolab, understand the core idea of the mobile application first and then develop an application which is secure and performs exactly as per the client’s definition. There are various mobile technologies today that require different application development. 11Technolab is fully competent to develop solutions in all these mobile technologies, such as Android, iOS, or even Hybrid applications. These technologies are being pioneered and improved by the manufacturers of mobile devices and enjoy a good reach in the consumer devices market.

Android Application Development :

Android is the operating system developed by Google to run mobile devices that may be phones and many other devices. This operating system is open for mobile device manufacturers to take and turn into customized software for their devices or run as simple android devices. This has made Android an extremely popular mobile software platform worldwide. This platform forms the base for all other mobile applications to ride on inside the consumer’s device.

Thereby 11Technolab also advises businesses to immediately start projects for android application development, as the growth curve of users in the Android ecosystem is growing at an astonishing speed. The sheer reach and simplicity of Android platform make users very comfortable in choosing an android as their first device. Today, the Android platform is the world’s largest mobile device platform which runs in around 80% of all mobile devices globally as of 2016. This is the core reason why businesses first choose to develop android applications, as it makes sense to be present where your consumers are choosing to get their information from.

11Technolab is fully integrated into the Google Play Store developer system. This enables 11Technolab to provide all services from initial design, to all the way up to actually releasing your business application in the Play Store.

iOS Application Development :

iOS is the operating system developed by Apple Computers exclusively for its mobile devices; most notably the iPhone. The iPhone is one of the world’s most awaited premium mobile devices and rules the product profit benchmarks worldwide. The iPhone is always marketed as a premium market handset and thereby, ensures that the consumers it reaches are also of a particular economic demographic. This enables brands to be able to plan their mobile application strategy better. The brands know that when they are releasing an iOS application, they are reaching a certain consumer demographic and appealing to them only.

11Technolab offers APP Store guideline compliant application development services as a premium division. The strict guidelines from Apple and their adherence are ensured right from the core programming basics to listing and content guidelines.

11Technolab also dedicates specific resources to make the applications for App Store very secure. This is because any application not conforming to security benchmarks of Apple is immediately blocked. These safeguarding measures undertaken by 11Technolab ensures that as a business releasing its application in the Apple Store, your application is approved for release and sees success with users.

Hybrid Application Development :

There are many instances when business owners might want to simply release augmented versions of their online presence. This augmented presence in the form of an application requires the merging of native web and mobile technologies. 11Technolab has also dedicated a specific team for this division of app development that has cross-functional experience.

11Technolab recommends this solution to clients looking to reach widest audiences in the shortest possible timeframe. 11Technolab developers have knowledge capabilities in HTML5, leading JavaScript technology, CSS3, etc., in order to create innovative applications making us a Versatile and Outstanding Mobile Application Development Agency.

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