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There are many initiatives undertaken by businesses to attract customers for their products or services. This is, however, in view of the reality that competition also makes equal and matching moves in order to stay ahead of the curve. In such volatile conditions, a business owner has many critical decisions to take.

These critical decisions fall in the area of product features, service categories, etc. These might create some differentiation in the mind of the consumers, who may choose to buy that product over others. This, however, is a sinking hole wherein competitors then start shadowing the leader for feature-to- feature. Therein lies a problem which does not have any easy solution. How does a business then handle these challenges? The answer is via branding.

Branding is the creation of a distinct and clearly identifiable name, mark or design entity, which represents the business and its products. This creates an association in the mind of the consumer, which makes them trust your business and its products, lending you their loyalty. Thereby, branding is a very important business maneuver that business owners can deploy in order to create a specific association with their company and organization.

In an ideal scenario, some business owners might argue that just their name is enough to communicate values about their business. This might be partially true. However, this does not cover the entire picture. This is because the name itself, even if sufficient to convey their business values , does not convey uniqueness unless converted to a uniquely identifiable design. In other words, if your name is also strong enough, use that as a brand. However, brand it you must .

Once it is established that branding has a core value to attach to a product or service, then a business owner should make every possible effort to ensure it is the best possible version. The best possible version which can attract consumers and make them remember the company. This is a goal that every brand strives to achieve and the foundation for this is laid in great design.

Great design is the guiding principle of the graphic design team at 11Technolab. This team of creative and graphic designers is masters and experts of their art. They take the principles of beautiful and functional design and deliver astounding creations which impress and amaze business owners and their consumers alike. They are artists in their own right and believe in creating works of art. These works of art deliver an impact for your business that has never been seen before. They work on reinventing and changing your business identity from a simple statement to a brand experience. 11Technolab’s graphic design team can also create a new brand entity for your business from scratch.

This process of creation goes through some iteration and is not initiated till the business owner has been able to explain everything about their products and services. The team even makes an effort to learn the history of the product and service in order to add elements of prestige as well in the design process. Thereby, 11Technolab does not look at design in a one-off project; they evaluate brand and design on a scale of experience and associations .

The graphic design team, however, is not one which is lost to new world technology. This team uses the latest software tools to create your design and also designs which are deployed across multiple platforms, be it print, online, or even social media. This nuanced approach makes sure that each division of your business has an identity and an expressive brand entity. This team is fully equipped by 11Technolab to deploy any resources necessary till that intended design is achieved.

How can your business take advantage of the design capabilities of the 11Technolab graphic design team? There are many design products that your business can avail of from 11Technolab. These are different categories of design and can be rolled out as a single project or as an overhaul of the entire spectrum of brand identity .

Complete Corporate Design

Complete Corporate Design :

The identity of a corporate is best reflected in all its touchpoint with consumers where it needs to communicate its best position. These may be in the form of its website, logos, letterheads, timeline covers of Facebook, brochures, business cards, and everything that reflects the brand, their products, and services .

This is a very carefully executed service at 11Technolab, which not only ensures compliance with your corporate identity but also makes sure it is homogenous across platforms. This is to ensure that consumers have a single brand reference point and do not get confused with conflicting messaging .

The design is kept complimentary to your marketing materials and color, as well as quality standards are strictly adhered to. 11Technolab is aware of the critical time-sensitive scenarios of delivery for these projects and accordingly allocates resources to on-time delivery .

Logo Design :

This is usually the first point of contact for a business with the 11Technolab graphic design team. This initial point is also the most engaged process, wherein, the business owners are very involved in the process itself. This is in line with 11Technolab’s approach to create in consultation with the business and not away from them. Many options are rolled out as the logo is the first and most important bedrock of the business, and all future design projects will emanate from this itself .

Therefore, the design of the logo has to be so impactful that in a small picture form it creates an instant and clear association of your business. This is where the experience of design experts at 11Technolab helps to come up with the best image for your business and create it in pixel precise outputs .

Logo Design
Complete Corporate Design

UX/UI Design :

This is a term which is often thrown around business owners without much thought actually going into this. This term clearly means User Experience and User Interface design. This is applied in the context of the design of a website so that its users can use it in the easiest manner possible .

11Technolab is a leader in winning this business challenge, as an integrated IT development process ensures that the design team is able to communicate exactly as per business needs. Thereby, the users of the website, whether internal or external, have clearly defined route paths which they can take in order to obtain the information they need. This has to be put in place with amazing design and functionality backed up by logic.

UX and UI design is a foresight process and requires the most experienced and best minds in design, as well as IT development, to come together to create the right experience. Only at 11Technolab are these two disciplines fused together to perform as one for a business website project .

While UX Design of a website speaks more about the analytical aspects and technical elements, UI deals with the graphical elements and the user behavior towards it. As a result, we, as a graphic design agency New York, offer you a sophisticated web UI design which is user-friendly and easily navigable, while maintaining the core principles of design and flow.

Facebook Timeline Cover Design :

While many businesses might consider that Facebook is a medium they can easily manage, the reality is far from that. The platform is only mastered by a few who have stuck to impressive design and presence standards. Thereby, 11Technolab offers this service wherein your business and brand communicate with a certain identity suited to this platform .

11Technolab understands the nuances of how communication is molded towards Facebook users and their impressions of a brand. 11Technolab’s graphic design team thus incorporates these learnings and delivers an impressive Facebook Timeline Cover design, which makes your business stand out, as well as, attract the attention of your consumers. The basic design metrics, as mandated by Facebook, also have to be adhered to when these covers are designed, and thereby, 11Technolab is a solution for meeting this business need .

Logo Design
Complete Corporate Design

Facebook Fan Page Design :

The design team at 11Technolab treats Facebook Fan Page design projects as the creation of a stage for an event project. This is not just a page on a platform for social media; 11Technolab believes this is the stage on which your brand performs magic for your dedicated followers and consumers. It also allows them to interact and engage with you .

It is natural that this stage is given the best possible design standards and active lively presence. This not only increases your chances of new followers but also gives a refreshed content look to the regular followers. There are many areas of the fan page which when correctly designed, as per 11Technolab’s team guidelines, will help your consumers interact with the page and take the next step to actually transacting with your product purchase systems.

Card Design :

The movement of business transactions to the online space has still not negated the impact of physical meetings that a business owner has with other constituents of their operations. These can be suppliers, customers, and even other industry participants. These meetings are not just formal events, but also an opportunity for the business owner to deliver an impression and message about their products and services .

11Technolab helps business owners capitalize on this by treating every handshake as an opportunity. The tool of a handshake is also the business owner’s card. Naturally, this ambassador of business has to be top notch in design and impressive in order for the recipient to take note of the business .

11Technolab’s design team takes a clear update from the business owner of the information they want to display on this card. Thereafter, the design and communication of this information are debated and a preliminary design is achieved. This design is only the content and its impactful delivery on the card. The other part of the card design is the physical media which will be used to actually print the card on. This is a function of cost and choice, but 11Technolab applies good effort here to also ensure that the final product is top notch and impressive. This physical media once identified, is then tested for carrying the content of the card. The test product is then finalized as a template for the business owner’s go ahead. Once all the elements are together and the design is in compliance with brand guidelines as well color adherence, the cards are sent out for final order printing. The completion of this process is carefully monitored in order to ensure error-free business card printing from 11Technolab .

Logo Design

Brochure Design :

A business usually deploys many channels to reach out to its consumers and even update its present customers about its products and services. These tasks can be accomplished online, as well as with physical media. This physical media is usually found in the form of brochures. These are glossy leaflets, and sometimes even more elaborate documents, which provide the consumers a rich immersive experience of the business services and products on offer .

These brochures are usually deployed at the start of a new business, or even by present business owners, to send out offers and other such communications. They are usually very effective in recall for your brand and are present in the consumer’s hand for ready reference and product purchase .

11Technolab has a team of people with rich experience in the print industry that works on these brochures in conjunction with the design team. They perform end-to- end services from content presentation as per your instructions to physical media selection, and thereafter, release. This is a critical process, and thereby, 11Technolab ensures that only a keen eye of an experienced resource is in charge of your brochure design process. This design is tested for impactful registry of brand and products with a central message which appeals to the consumers. These brochures are carefully designed by 11Technolab keeping many factors in consideration. These factors vary by industry and business type. Hence, 11Technolab’s team, composed of many experienced professionals, is able to design the most impactful brochures as per your present business communication objective .

The information contained on these brochures pass through an editorial control for correctness and integrity to the original brochure content as provided by the business owner. This ensures that the brochure does not communicate any information or offer in error as a printed document has contractual value, which once executed, cannot be reversed. This process assures our business clients of the best practices followed by us in their interest and in safeguarding their reputation .

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