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The migration of business operations to the online space has brought about a mixed set of challenges for business owners. These challenges are multi-fold in the sense that there are capability gaps that exist in meeting them. These capability gaps are not essentially business acumen related and are more in the technology space. Therefore, business owners need external consultation and technical specialists that can solve these challenges .

The core function of business is to sell, and any tool or channel which makes this possible in a cost- effective manner should get the most resources. The prime example of such a channel in this decade has been E-Commerce. This is the new selling standard which has become the benchmark for a business presence online. The ability to not only communicate, but to also sell a product or service, and fulfill a consumer’s need at the same time is a substantial shift for any business .

E-commerce Website Design

E-commerce is a channel that is present and available at all times to the consumer for them to purchase products and services. However, businesses need to make certain fundamental processes also available in order for these transactions to work. These fundamental processes are: stock SKU listing, shopping carts, banking and payment gateways, and returns mechanism. These processes are interdependent and need to perform tasks of handover and takeover in an error-free manner. They are critical in nature as a customer’s trust in a business’ e-commerce system is made or broken at this stage itself. Errors can occur at any stage and it is absolutely critical that the entire system has been designed and tested in a robust manner to not let such failure creep through .

11Technolab takes a build, test and retest approach to developing e-commerce website systems for its clients . The development team takes over post the creative and business teams have designed and got a concept ready. This concept is then shown to the clients for a pre-development approval . Once we take a go-ahead from the business owner of the fundamental look and feel of the website, then we make sure to put in the correct and specific instructions for development teams .

11Technolab also deploys a flexible design system which accepts customizations as suggested by business owners at a later stage. These customizations can result from peculiar and specific needs of a business, industry regulatory conditions or trade practices prevalent in the industry. This flexibility of design also compensates and lays the foundation for augmentations and upgrades later in the business growth cycle. Thereby, 11Technolab e-commerce website design is a fundamentally sound process in terms of technical capability as well as business growth vision .

E-commerce Website Design Associated Services :

Through the provision of easily updated pages, products, categories, banners and a whole set of workable features, we offer e-commerce design and content management services at an optimized price .

11Technolab also offers a marketing suite that provides advanced SEO tools that help any business e-commerce website gain immediate consumer attention and drive interest. A gamut of activities is undertaken as part of this marketing suite. This is composed of running supportive promotions, landing pages, run BOGO offers to drive the revenue that a business is looking for in terms of Return on Investment .

A large corporation which needs brand compliant and streamlined e-commerce websites can depend on 11Technolab. The primary reason why 11Technolab is a reliable technology partner is a transparent process of consulting, collecting, analyzing, brainstorming from development and implementation is open for their review. This entire process is carried out in the purview of creativity and on time project delivery in order to meet deadlines .

E-commerce projects are planned and executed in a phase timed manner by 11Technolab so that the business owner or the organization can have a bird’s eye view of the rollout date. This helps them plan their stock availability accordingly and launch a successful e-commerce website. This phased project timeline is also shared with the clients incorporating their customization requirements. This is a key differentiator as many business owners are hesitant to go for customization as they have been told that any customization will directly impact their project timeline .

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Digital media has become one of the fastest and the most active growing marketing techniques in the world today. As the internet infrastructure continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it has led to a beautiful fusion of digital media and the internet, creating a new world of flexibility and ease of use for consumers today.

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