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Why 11Technolab

Business across industries and markets need to address a basic function of communication. This communication is directed at the consumers, suppliers, prospective employees and even the government. Thereby, every business has a clear and ever present need for putting forth communication for its products, services and even the brand. These periodic communications are known as advertisements.

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The nature of these ads and the platforms they are deployed on have changed with the progress of technology. While all these platforms are in play, more or less, even now in one form or the other, some gain recurring importance as per the message objective or the current trends in markets.

11Technolab helps corporations reach their consumers via the most dynamic platform for consumer communications: Digital Marketing. 11Technolab believes in the potential of this platform to reach any number of consumers while ensuring targeting precision at the same time. Thereby, our vision of “Go Digital” is a guide path where all our teams are aligned.

11Technolab offers many services to help business owners and corporate clients achieve results on the digital platform. These services are offered by teams of creative, graphic, marketing and IT resources working together to deliver amazing results .

Why 11Technolab ?

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We will do a detailed research of your business, market & customers

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A dedicated account executive and PPC strategy development

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Keyword performance and conversion tracking analysis

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Site audits along with On-page & off-page optimisation

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Google Adwords performs and revenue tracking data

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Research on social media tactics and brand strategic partnership

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Remarketing and business stability

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Outreach and link building which helps social media, that affects your SEO

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Brand monitoring and reputation management

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About 11Technolab

Digital media has become one of the fastest and the most active growing marketing techniques in the world today. As the internet infrastructure continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it has led to a beautiful fusion of digital media and the internet, creating a new world of flexibility and ease of use for consumers today.

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