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The fast growth of technology has today made possible a multitude of avenues for human connection with the digital world. These connections can supersede industries and help humans reach out to interphase with environments around themselves. This was the stuff that science fiction was made of a few decades ago and has transformed into reality today. These technologies have been developed and are now made available for various applications across the business spectrum .

11Technolab has been keenly following the growth of these fundamentally game-changing technologies since the beginning. The impetus of growth which these platforms have achieved in the past 2 decades had caught the fancy of many business owners. These business owners and corporations have been trying to find ways of how these technologies can be applied to their business processes. This is the crucial juncture where they need the help of technology expert at 11Technolab. We help the businesses evaluate, develop and then execute core projects in such technologies .

AR/VR Services

11Technolab drives its efforts and in two major applications of these technologies. These divisions sometimes merge as per function but are broadly looked at with separation by the industry on a whole. These are Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality .

Augmented Reality :

The overlay of computer-generated content as an enhancement onto a real-world physical environment by way of sound, images, video, or even smell inputs, is augmented reality. Technology that helps us perceive our real-world physical environment in an augmented phase by adding elements to our visible field is the core function of augmented reality .

11Technolab technology experts are a team of professionals who study and create solutions for businesses to capitalize on such technology. We undertake these projects on a consulting basis and execute them to perfection. These projects are taken on a priority basis with clear application scope and version requirements. The second phase before delivery is the extensive and rigorous testing that the application has to go through in real-world environments. This is accomplished with the appropriate permissions and safeguards in place .

Virtual Reality :

The complete replacement or creation of an alternate nonphysical dimension that can be interacted with by humans is known as virtual reality. This is the ultimate level of creation, wherein, the technology is still being developed as its being used. This is an alternate version of our physical environments, delivered via devices in order to trigger neural responses to recognize them as real. Therefore, the nature of this dimension of reality is virtual or unreal, and yet be perceived by humans as real as another environment around them. These have far-reaching applications in gaming and entertainment .

11Techolab executes projects of virtual reality from start to finish. The most important bedrock of this technology is the content it will project to the users. This content is video in nature and projected to the user as a version of reality. 11Technolab has a number of content creation experts onboard its technology team for virtual reality. 11Technolab carefully invests good effort with the client in detail the content for their Virtual Reality project. This is the most important stage for starting the project. Thereafter, the content is handed over the coding technology team which goes ahead and builds the actual user interface for such content. The third stage is when this content is tested across device platforms where it will be used or as advised by our clients which are the content owners.

11Technolab is a full-service software development agency for projects in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. We believe in the business and entertainment applications of these technologies and accordingly execute projects which can show real-world value for our clients .

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Digital media is a new and provoking medium of today, which embraces both of the paradigms and constraints equally to form exuberant experiences. May be this is the same reason, why most of the firms today are building their digital practices patched along with their products and services, to be a step closer to the audience.

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