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SEO Concept

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the process by which a website and it’s communication is tailored and augmented so that it matches your targeted user’s search interests and achieves a healthy rank in search engines.

This process usually involves a full-scale revamp of the website and an evaluation of its overall presence in the online space. This is a highly technical process which can only be executed when a marketer has developed an experienced understanding of what influences SEO rankings in search engines. Therefore, SEO is first and foremost acknowledged as a process and not an overnight ‘fix-all pill’.

There are many components to executing a healthy SEO strategy. Without following these, many websites may get marked as duplicitous and, therefore, are ignored by search engines. There are many business owners who are not able to determine the quality of work, or the thought process of their website designer, which leads to such situations.

11Technolab is the key that business owners are looking for in order to unlock SEO success for their business websites and drive in prospective consumers to convert them to customers. A full-service SEO agency, 11Technolab provides exemplary SEO management and promotion services, wherein the best in the field are given tasks to manage your website. The only step business owners need to take, is to arrange access to their website content and domain ownership, post which, 11Technolab takes over for you to concentrate on business activities only.

Complete SEO Packages :

Today, more than a neon sign, a website is the primary face and contact point for a business. Therefore, it is necessary that this online face of your business is in ship shape, and built to not only attract but also impress enough to do business with your customers.

11Technolab takes a unique approach to website design by making sure to incorporate ideas from the business owner in the best possible marketing communication into the website. Once this process is underway, we produce a final design which is not only fresh and interesting but is also in conformance with your brand guidelines.

11Technolab has complete capability to design and manage websites of multiple categories such as static, dynamic, or responsive. Our website technology professionals are experienced to even take over existing websites of older code formats and migrate them to a new look as well as base coding structure.

SEO process has two work divisions in which a website’s overhaul is executed :

- OFF Page SEO Process

- ON Page SEO Process

It is important as a business owner to have a good understanding of these two divisions in order to take charge and achieve best results in SEO as per your objectives.

Complete Off Page SEO Services :

Since 11Techolab approaches SEO with a full process oriented outlook, we evaluate and execute off page SEO services for your website. This part of the SEO process demands actions which are outside of the website and can be termed as external promotions. These are actions and activities which attract and pull in consumers to your website. These include making your website visible and promote it in many social media forums.

Here, we deploy activities in which our SEO experts make your website visible to industry listings as well as dive engaged discussions about your website. These consumers are subtly invited to find out more about your business and, thereby, a section of them decide to stay and become your customers. Here, the approach is also to drive in more and more engagement with your website’s communication and work in your product or brand message into these engagement activities.

11Technolab drives some activities which get the search engines to start noticing your website activity and start ranking it better to the users who are searching for solutions as provided by your business. Some of the activities undertaken by 11Technolab for Off Page SEO are link building activities, reputation management, together helping people drive more traffic, offer user confidence and also improve the rankings. Off page SEO Services have great importance and when done significantly in a way we do, it can change the website's performance in a go.

Complete On Page SEO Services :

The efforts undertaken by any business to make itself the chosen one amongst many in the online space, are incomplete if the fundamentals of its website are not correct. This fundamental correction or foundation building, by 11Technlab, is known as On Page SEO services.

A website, in any case, is a base collection of pages which are viewed by users. These pages should be relevant and interesting for users to come and engage with them. This is possible by the use of keywords which are most likely to match with user’s interests and thereby project the page as the most likely match for the user's query. 11Technolab keyword experts ensure that the content present on your website page is optimized for a particular keyword and is most likely to show up higher in search engine rankings.

We at 11Technolab, offer better page optimization to work in a natural way, allowing the search engines to index the right keyword. This approach is, however, only qualified to run through the best and high-quality content. This is because search engines have tightened regulations to give priority to content which is of good quality and is also informative for the user. The readability of a page is also evaluated as per your target audiences and the message at hand.

These fundamentally sound methods have been built into the SEO strategy method at 11Technolab, and our experts ensure that these are followed religiously to deliver best SEO results to our clients.

Page Speed Optimization :

This critical factor is one of the few that has been openly mentioned by search engines as the core need of users. Naturally, this is also scrutinized by the search engines themselves. When we as consumers do not like waiting for an ice cream, why should our consumers have to wait for our website page to load? The days of users waiting for a website page to load are long gone and they move on to a competitor’s website in a second.

11Technolab ensures that this factor is very closely managed during your website SEO process and brought into acceptable or impressive load time’s benchmarks. In order to achieve the fastest load times, our technical experts work on factors such as page speed, website loading, page speed optimization, and even the scripting of the website as these are crucial for the website's page load times metric.

Local/Regional SEO Services :

India is a nation of many languages and cultures, all at the same time. Naturally, it makes sense for businesses to also be adaptive and deliver communication tailored to its target audience in these diverse markets.

It might not be possible for every business to place people and resources at each and every location. It is, however, very much possible for a business to deliver an awesome browsing experience to users from many locations by customizing the website to their local language, customs, etc.

11Technolab delivers local regional SEO services through its experts, who hail from many locations and diverse cultures, and understand what the nuances of such regional markets are. Thereby, they deliver differentiated communication, which is very valuable for your consumers to connect with your brand and develop a relationship.

Such an effort by 11Technolab experts also ensures that the search engine also ranks your website better for that particular region’s user search. This allows you, even as an individual business owner, to smartly enable your business to show up better in search engines as compared to bigger corporations trying to enter the same market.

Google Penalty Recovery Services :

11Technolab follows a very strict and ethically sound SEO practices code to ensure that its clients do not get penalized by search engines. However, many times, we come across business owners who get penalized by search engines because of another unscrupulous SEO practitioner having executed non-ethical practices in SEO services and search engines having caught onto them.

The official policy documents of all search engines hold the website responsible for any such unethical SEO practices and immediately ranks it lower or sometimes, after repeated warnings, block it from their search results. Today, the world’s number one search engine is Google and that allows it to wield enormous influence over the consumer mindset. A business which cannot be found on Google simply does not exist for online users - no matter how old the establishment.

Therefore, it is of the website’s best interest to stick to quality and ethical SEO service providers like 11Technolab, which will not let such practices creep into the process, let alone affect the business.

However, those who have already been penalized for no fault of their own, for them, 11Technolab performs a vital oxygen service as penalty recovery services. We approach the issue at hand with an open mind and fix it immediately. Post fixing of the issue, we also raise appeals for the website with search engines for a relaxation. The outcome of such an appeal is, however, completely up to the search engine administration. Nevertheless, our efforts are all directed to getting the best possible results from search engines for your website, as we always have for our clients.

Website Proofreading Services :

The content present on a website page is usually just like the content present in a book. A user, when choosing to read a book, would want to read it as free of error and perfect in grammar. The same logic holds true for a website page.

Consumers expect that when they search for a product or service they find the result which most closely answers their query as well as when they arrive on the website page, the content is good and original to read. Users, and subsequently search engines, are also looking at content with some basic guidelines in place. These include good grammar, spelling, and error-free content. The quality of content is also important in relation to the user’s query.

11Technolab also dedicates a substantial resource time to the content present on a website page. This content is made to go through our experts who check it for duplication across the online space and also ensure that your content is conveyed in impeccable English, free from errors, right in punctuation and is 100% unique, without any plagiarism, which is yet another integral part of SEO Services.

Website Mailer and Proposal SEO Services :

There are many professionals who are looking to start their own website service ventures. These need support in terms of the basic design, research and development and even marketing. 11Technolab, being an industry leader, ensures that you, as a professional, get all the help you need to make your website business stand up and progress to growth.

The professional website proposal template provided by 11Technolab for such professionals helps them showcase the ideated website site layout. Our advisory support further advices them on how they can pitch the SEO services. The scope of the website includes various deliverables like research, analysis, design, development and WordPress integration; complete with a sample contract at the end. 11Technolab ensures that these templates are customizable and also affordable.

SEO Content Writing Services :

Cliché if we say, content is the king for any kind of businesses. This statement, while earlier ignored by many, is truer today than ever. The push by search engines for good, original, high-quality and engaging content across the online space has made this statement the bedrock of any SEO process.

Content, and its presentation today is the differentiator between a user trusting your products and services. Search engines are also assigning very high importance to content quality and its presentation on the website page. This clearly reflects in the high-ranking pages and their design, along with the content on these pages.

Mastering the content puzzle is, however, a task easier said than done. The content has to pass through many filters and the first and biggest checkpoint for all content is Relevance.

Content relevance is determined by search engines with a simple method of relating content to the keywords. These keywords are a summation of what users are looking for themselves. Therefore, content and its presentation is an extremely critical part of website SEO management.

11Technolab deploys this service in order to drive better website rankings for your business. This is accomplished by an expert panel of writers and content creators who create relevant, focused and yet, beautiful content as a team. The look and feel of your business website are also inter-related to the content and its presentation style.

11Technolab drives a balanced approach between content that is external to the website bringing in users and content on the website which will help firm up a user’s decision to become a customer. A process of research and content adequacy ensures that this section on your website is relevant, fresh, and updated.

Corporate Content Writing Services :

11Technolab usually gets a very pertinent query from its industrial and B2B segment clients about content writing. The query usually entails that how do WE help businesses as apart from helping individual businesses in terms of content presentation. The answer to this query lies in the fact that we have separate resources for both divisions. The understanding of a B2B environment requires specialist expertise and so we execute accordingly.

Our industrial and B2B segment clients often call upon us for various content needs. These may be in the form of speech convenience, an identification of conventions, divisional stability, trademark establishment, etc.

These are functions which require us to delve deep into the business structure of the corporate and accordingly design their communication on priority. As company reports and projects project an image of the corporation, we attach equal importance and weightage to the content that is written for these reports. 11Technolab is the service provider most sought out for such scenarios. An extra layer of editorial control is exercised to ensure content integrity in line with the expectations of the brand and corporate guidelines. The importance of messaging in a positive manner for both internal and external audiences of any corporation is also kept as a baseline.

11Technolab writers and content creators possess broad writing experience, industry insights, and analytics skills, altogether. We have writers who believe in delivering annual reports and rich content while focusing on important elements like the employee communiqué, orientation, and employee welfare.

Map Optimization Services :

Many businesses today make a good effort to reach their prospective consumers online. They may make this effort via a good website, an ad campaign, or any other initiatives. These activities help the user understand the business and choose them for a transaction as may be the need.

There is, however, a new step now being taken by some businesses: Map Presence.

This is quite simply put: the visibility that your business can enjoy being present on direction and geographical maps of various search engines.

As a business owner, you might want to ask how customers can reach your business by reading your address. 11Technolab will advise you at this juncture about the users who are presently outside and looking for a product or service while on their way to somewhere. Will you prefer to have your business show up to them in their map query while on their route path? The answer we get every time is OF COURSE.

11Technolab provides this service as a Map Optimization Service. This service means that your business can now move beyond local directories to be found on the Google Local Business Listings, using the Map Optimization.

We at 11Technolab, help you in getting noticed and also ranked in the Google Local Listings by placing the business on Google Maps along with other search engines like Yahoo, Bing Local, etc.

An interesting statistic that we often share at 11Technolab is that local businesses can generate a high-quality audience, as well as leads. Nearly 40% of the online searches are done through local markets and local buyers, while Google, Yahoo! and Bing accounts for more than 75% of the web searches. 88% of the customers who go for in-store purchases also perform a focused online research before even stepping out of the house.

11Technolab map optimization services team takes extra care to ensure that your business is showing up at the correct location, and some attractive data snippet about your business also accompanies it.

XHTML Validation Services :

The World Wide Web is a very diverse space. There are billions of users running systems which are spread in functionality and features. This is a challenge for the website design and coding team. How does a team make sure that across online space their website will always display correctly on so many different internet browsers and platforms being deployed by users?

11Technolab provides this resolution via a technical services team. This technical service forms a part of our SEO services. This is a service which works to ensure that no matter the browser, your website and its content will always show up as intended. The W3C protocol, which mandates such standard guidelines are deployed in this service, ensures an error-free website page which delivers in the manner intended across the web.

The multitude of browsers across the globe such as Edge, Opera, Mozilla, Firefox, and Chrome make this service an increasingly vital service for business and B2B organizations.

11Technolab will make sure that the coding parameters of your website present in the backend are up to date and error free. We also ensure a thorough check to be in line with the W3C specifications. 11Technolab deploys a dedicated technical resource that tracks down broken HTML codes and rectifies them. The team also fixes site load and speed issues.

11Technolab provides a full showcase of services in SEO optimization, guided by a single-minded approach of making sure that your business website gets the expertise it needs to impress your consumers in the online space. This also goes with our standing as an ethical SEO optimization agency that will always keep your interests ahead and foremost in any project.

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