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Digital media has become one of the fastest and the most active growing marketing techniques in the world today. As the internet infrastructure continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it has led to a beautiful fusion of digital media and the internet, creating a new world of flexibility and ease of use for consumers today. As the world of digital continues to grow, it has changed the concept of marketing forever. Firms today are relying more and more on digital media practice to inch closer to their clients and also to stay closer to their target base. There is no denying that a crucial part of digital media remains design. The correct design brings to life any digital campaign and ties together the various visual components in a business communications pitch. 11Technolab offers a unique approach of outstanding design created by designers who bring together an ideal synergy of notbeing accomplished in the field of web development, merged with technology. 11Technolab designers provide the ideal merger of usability and design sense to infuse new life into your brand.

11Technolab infuses art with imagination and delivers a noticeably uplifting experience for your business. This is accomplished through our competency in design and branding which translates into high visibility for you.

Working Together:

11Technolab works WITH your business as a shadow SEAL team, making sure we deliver on the objectives set out for your business. These objectives range from showcasing your business to your online target audiences and developing your presence visibly. In order to achieve these objectives, we deploy marketing tactics and SEO principles set on solid foundations of online marketing. The advent of online marketing as a medium places challenges upon businesses to stand out from competing attention grabs and distinguish itself to its prospective consumers. Our approach to this challenge is simply excellence. We start with an approach for delivering excellence in all three spheres of design, development and deployment. While we take your businesses objectives as a mission statement, we also keep an eye on creating value for you through our services. This is accomplished as we believe in the correct inputs for each task; great people, great ideas and a will to deliver.

Website Design

Ecommerce Development

Softwere Development

Wordpress Development

Our Story:

11Technolab is a venture started by Ankit Bhasin in 2010. The initial setup was bootstrapped in a tiny location in Delhi NCR, but the dreams of two people at that time also were always: Go BIG! As time added value, one of the two took the vision further and chiseled a design, development and marketing brand firm which now has three locations in Delhi, but the hunger to grow and excitement to create has not abated.

This dream in no small measure came true due to our clientele who have believed in us from a small startup to an entity with fresh ideas and delivery as our second names.

Design, Development and Marketing:

A business account associated with us meets a bunch of our people as its journey grows with us along the way. The businesses objectives of reaching its prospects are accomplished via three routes.

Here, our art directors, designers, developers, marketing strategists and writers get together to brainstorm and design the actual communication of the brand. This is translated into website, corporate and graphic designing. Care and judgement is exercised here to make sure the designs are user-friendly and represents the business in the best possible communication.

This is where the heavy lifting occurs, wherein we create highly functional websites and related software as well as applications for the business. This is purely focused on the users of the business as they are the target audience and their connect to the business has to be facilitated promptly. Some tools we use here are online advertising, social media content broadcast and latest analytical tools for reporting.

Communication for the brand to its internal or external audiences is shaped or sharpened at this stage. This is where we deploy brand positioning, brand architecture, brand strategy and service messaging platforms. The backbone of this stage is content writing services, brand management services, SEO, PPC management services, corporate marketing services, link building services, social media marketing and email marketing through multi-channel advertising.

WHY choose 11Technolab?

Let’s critically examine why we are so dear to our clients:

Quality of design, development, and marketing service

Ethical strategies and transparent services .

Industry best professionals bringing in years of experience and competency to catch onto trends.

Approach SEO as an art for beyond just a technology methodology to rank your websites in search engines.

Common Sense Prevalent: Though this is rarely found in the world, here we apply it amply when we strategize for keywords or metadata related to your business.

Our strategic foundation is built upon a sound study of the target audience, market research, website design, content, development strategy, as well as the competitor analysis.

Through years of experience, we now manage to deliver high-end solutions for hassle free customer interaction. We develop strategies that can maximize your PPC rate, conversion rate, ROI, and productivity as well.

We can add creative dimensions to your business idea with keen insights which help you achieve the gold standard of business health: Profits! We are confident of being able to do this as our solutions for each business are tailor made and not a one size fits all approach.

We are vertical agnostic and are able to adapt very quickly to different service models as per your business need and industry.

As of today, 11Technolab have many milestones that are achieved through patience and hard work as we master the art of design, development, and marketing with each of our cases. We provide all of the services at an affordable cost with a capability of meeting your objections in the time sensitive scenarios. We understand money invested is money working to deliver results on time and accordingly the entire team at 11Technolab is attuned to this work philosophy.

About 11Technolab

Digital media has become one of the fastest and the most active growing marketing techniques in the world today. As the internet infrastructure continues to grow in leaps and bounds, it has led to a beautiful fusion of digital media and the internet, creating a new world of flexibility and ease of use for consumers today.

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